„The Medal for the Jubilee 2000 Holy Year” 

Head, reverse, brass, silver Ag 925, Ø 51 mm, Lithuanian Mint. 2000.

      This medal is the result of a two - year - long meticulous work by Juozas Kalinauskas, a well known Lithuanian sculptor. It was created to commemorate the Jubilee 2000 Holy Year.

      For the obverse of the medal, the artist chose to use a fragment of the famous sculpture by Michelangelo, "The Risen Christ". This artwork reflects not only the inner and outer beauty of our Lord, but also His peaceful determination to save our world. The words of Apostle John, Appropriately placed on the face ofthe medal, remind us briefly but powerfully the basic principles of our faith and, thus, the reasons of the joyous celebration of the Year 2000. 

      The reversal of the medal portrays our beloved Pope John Paul II, who's gentle but firm hand has led us to the doorstep of new millennium. The artist accentuates our Pope's role in spreading the good news throughout the world by showing John Paul II surveying the various parts of the globe.