Juozas Kalinauskas, Sculptor and Medallist, was born on 24.01.1935 in Pakalniai village, Vilkaviskis County, Lithuania.
In 1950 graduated from Vistycio Middle School.
In 1950-1955 Studied in Stepas Zukas Art School in Kaunas.
In 1955-1961 studied at the Lithuanian State Art Institute Vilnius, was awarded with the diploma of a sculptor.
Since 1962 - the Member of the Lithuanian Artists‘ Association.
1962-1978- The Art Director of „Banga“, the magazine of Vilnius Fashion House.
Since 1996 – The member of International Federation of Medals (FIDEM).
Since 2006 - The member of Medal Association of Italy (AIAM).
In 1985 Juozas Kalinauskas was granted an honorary name of merited artist.
The author has been participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad since 1960.

Public and private collections:
„Horses”, various historical medals at Vytautas the Great war museum in Kaunas;
16 various works of art at Museum of Fine Arts of Lithuania in Vilnius;
„Gymnast with ribbons”, A. Grenda’s private collection, Vilnius;
„Sacrifice”, V. Martikonis private collection, Vilnius;
„Near the sea”, the interior of the Lithuanian writers' Association, Vilnius;
„Linutė”, „Youth”, the Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow;
„In sauna”, „A Legend of Vilnius Foundation”, Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow;
„Dr. J.Schullman”, private collection of Mrs. E.Schullman, NewJersey (USA);
„Algirdas and Kęstutis”, private collection, Japan;
Various historical medals at Trakai History Museum, Trakai; 
Various historical medals at National Museum of Lithuania, Vilnius; 
And other private collections in Lithuania and abroad.
Oeuvre in public places:
„Muse”, sculpture, the facade of Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow, height - 650 cm, co-author: A.Zokaitis;
„Partisans”, monument, co-authors: A. Zokaitis, G. Baravykas, bronze, height - 500 cm, Grutas Park;
„A. Smetona, the President of Lithuania”, bass-relief on the stela of the monument of Independence in Vištytis.
1965 - Anniversary exhibition of art in Vilnius;
1966 - Competitive exhibition of art of Lithuania;
1967 - Republican exhibition of art in Vilnius;
1969-1970 - International exhibition of medals in Prague;
1972 - Quadrennial in Riga;
1972 - Personal exhibition in Vilnius;
1975 - International exhibition of medals in Cracow;
1976 - Quadrennial in Riga;
1984 - Confederate exhibition in Moscow;
1985 - Group exhibition at the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow;
1985 - Exhibition of art in Moscow;
1986-1987 - Exhibition of art in Moscow;
1987-1988 - The 2nd republican triennial of medals at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
1991 - The 3rd republican exhibition in Vilnius;
1993 - The 4th republican triennial of medals at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
September, 1994 - personal exhibition in Vilkaviskis at the “Krastieciai” hall;
November, 1998 - personal exhibition in Vilnius, at the hall of “Atzalynas” club;
1998 - FIDEM exhibition in Netherlands;
2002 - FIDEM exhibition in Paris;
2002 - Sculpture symposium at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
2000-2005 - annual medal exhibitions at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
2006 05 - Personal exhibition at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
2007 - FIDEM exhibition in Colorado Springs (USA);
2007 02 - Exhibition at "Korperhaft-Erotische Impressionen" in Daetz-Centrum, Liechtenstein (Germany);
2008 - AIAM medal exhibition in Rome;
2009  05 - Exhibition dedicated to commemorate the Mill. of the Name of Lithuania at the Palace of Radvilai in Vilnius;
2009 09 - Exhibition and presentation of the newest pieces at Vilnius town hall;
2009 10 - The 9th republican medal triennial at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
2010 11 - Exhibition on the theme of the Battes of Grunwald and Durbe at the gallery „Arka“ in Vilnius;
2010 12 - The 8th Baltic medal triennial at the St. John’s street gallery in Vilnius;
2011 03 - The 8th Baltic medal triennial at the Art Museum of Gederts Eliass in Jelgava (Latvia);
2012 06 - XXXII Art Medal Congress in Glasgow;
2012 10 - The X-th. Republican Triennial of medals in Vilnius, at the St. John's street gallery;

2013 09 - The IXth Baltic medal triennial at the St. John's Street Gallery in Vilnius;
2014 04 - Personal exhibition at the Jonava Area Museum, in Jonava;

2014 06 - Personal exhibition at the Ukmegė Local Lore Museum in Ukmergė;
2014 09  Exhibition and presentation of the medal "The 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Orshaat Vytautas the Great War Museum in Kaunas;
2014 09 XXXIII Art Medal Congress, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2015 02 personal exhibition at Vytautas the Great War Museum,  Kaunas;
2015 05 -  personal exhibition "Lithuanian history" at Medininkai castle Museum,  Medininkai;
2016 04 -  personal exhibition "Lithuanian history" at Biržai Castle Museum,  Biržai;
2016 09 -  "Shine Lithuania", Seimas Palace (Lithuanian parliament),  Vilnius;
2017 10 X Baltic medal triennial "BALTIC UNITY" Šv. Jono Street Gallery, Vilnius;
2017 11 X Baltic medal triennial "BALTIC UNITY" Riga's Academy' Library, Latvia;
2018 01 X Baltic medal triennial "BALTIC UNITY"  Tartu Kunstimaja Gallery, Estonia;
2018 02 "Sculptors for the 100 years of the restoration of Lithuania's statehood"  Šv Jono Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2018 05 "History of Lithuania in medals" Šv Jono Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2018 09 "110 years to Pavilnys" Pavilnys community house, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2018 11  X Baltic medal triennial "BALTIC UNITY" Torun, Museum of Copernikus University, Poland;
2018 11 "MS International Coin Fair", Vilnius;
2018 11 "Sculptors for the 100 years of the restoration of Lithuania's statehood" Juozas Liaudanskis Art Gallery, Kelmė, Lithuania;
2018 12 "LAA Lithuanian 100 years collection" Regional Museum of Visual Arts, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation;
2019 02  "History of Lithuania in medals" Naujoji Vilnia Public Library, Vilnius;
2019 04  "Victories of Lithuania's history on canvas and metal" LK Vilnius Garrison Officers Club, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2019 11  "Jubilee 85-years exhibition" Šv. Jono street gallery, Vilnius;
2019 12 "Jubilee 85-years exhibition" VDA Telšių gallery, Telšiai;
2020 01 "Jubilee 85-years exhibition" Samogitian Art Museums, Duke Mykolas Oginskis estate, Plungė;
​2020 07 XXXVI International medal art symposium "Medal art in Lithuania and Poland - 500 years", Telšiai, Lithuania;
2020 10 Medal art symposium in Palanga.
1966 - The first award for the relief „Olympian light”, the republican contest of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association;
1966 - The second award for the relief „Fight”, the republican contest of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association;
1969 - The third award for the relief „Welcoming the Astronaut“,  Moscow;
1976 - Diploma awarded by the USSR Artists’ Association for the medal „ A Legend of Vilnius Foundation”, Moscow;
1984 - Silver medal of the „Grekov Award” for the monument “Partisans” in Moscow;
1985 - He was granted an honorary name of merited artist;
1993 - Award in competition of medals for the medal „The 670th Anniversary of Vilnius”, Vilnius;
2013 - II degree medal 
For merit to Vilnius and the Nation”, Vilnius.
1965 - Catalogue of the jubilee exhibition of fine arts, Vilnius;
1968 - Matekūnaitė A. article „When the metal begins to talk”, „Komsomol Truth”, Vilnius; 
1969 - Catalogue of international medal exhibition which took place in Prague and Bratislava in 1969-1970;
1970 - „Confederate art exhibition” catalogue, Vilnius;
1975 - The catalogue of the 16th FIDEM competition „Krakow - zamek krolevski na Wawelu”, Krakow;
1975 - „Riga-72”, the catalogue of an exhibition of sculptures, Riga;
1975 - „Art”, “Kultūros barai”, Vilnius;
1975 - S. Budrys article „Three talents”;
1975 - “The Second Confederate Exhibition of Medals”, catalogue, Vilnius;
1984 - „The First Republican Exhibition of Medals“, catalogue, Vilnius;
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1996-2009 - „Who is who in Lithuania”, Encyclopedia;
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19.07.1997 „Medals for the 300th Anniversary of Vilkaviškis”, newspaper of the suburb of Vilkaviškis;
1997 - „The 5th Republical Triennial of Medals”, catalogue, Vilnius;
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28 November, 1998 - „Artists of Pavilnys decorated their neighbourhood with sculptures...”, „Lietuvos rytas“;
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20 December, 2003 - „„A Medal created in commemoration of the 750th anniversary of Mindaugas coronation“, “Voruta”;
2004 - „Metal and wood begins to speak in the hands of Juozas Kalinauskas...“, “Business & Exhibitions” special ed., Vilnius;
April, 2006 - „Juozas Kalinauskas jubilee exhibition“, “Business & Exhibitions”, Vilnius;
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23 June, 2006 - „In touch with the past and the present“, “Literatūra ir Menas”;
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8 March, 2013 - „Marked by Freedom“ (Volume II), Versmė;
21 Farbuary, 2014 - „This is Lithuania“, Terra Publica.
The most important Artist's work
1961 - „Rest“, reljef, interior of Drill Factory of Vilnius;
1964-1965 - „After Work”, bas-relief, gesso, 46x101cm, Museum of Fine Arts of Vilnius;
1968 - „Fight“, relief, embossed copper, 150x150 cm;
1968 - „Peace“, relief, embossed copper, 150x150 cm;
1969 - „Egle”, sculpture, elm, height - 54 cm;
1969-1970 „Greeting of cosmonaut”, relief, embossed copper, 190x170 cm;
1970 - „Algirdas and Kęstutis“, shield, embossed copper, ø 69 cm;
1972 - „Near the sea”, sculpture, elm, height - 50 cm, Association of Lithuanian writers in Vilnius;
1973 - „Alexander Nevsky“, shield, embossed copper, ø 70 cm;
1975 - „Riflewomen”, shield, embossed copper, Ø 70 cm;
1975 - „In a Dream“, sculpture, bronze, height – 30 cm;
1975 - „Gymnast with ribbons”, relief, embossed copper, height - 100 cm;
1976 - „A girl with a ball”, sculpture, mahogany, 26x56 cm, the Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow;
1978 - „Figure”, sculpture, mahogany, 54x28x22 cm;
1990 - „Germantas” bust, bronze, height - 45 cm;
 facade of the National Opera and Ballet Theater in Vilnius;
1991 - „Woman's figure II”, sculpture, mahogany, height - 54 cm; 
2003 - „Morning”, sculpture, bronze, 55x26x24 cm;
1973 - „A Legend of Vilnius Foundation”, obverse, reverse, copper, electrotype, Ø 20 cm;
1974 - „Ina” medallion, silver, 5x6 cm;
1978 - „Skaidrė” medallion, electrotype, Ø 8 cm;
1979 - „Vilnius Model house” aluminium, Ø 12 cm;
1980 - „M.K. Čiurlionis” medallion, silver-plated copper, 4x5 cm;
1994 - „J. Biržiškis, the Minister of Transport ”, portrait, copper, electrotype, Ø 19 cm;
2000 - „Evelina Malinauskaitė”, portrait, copper, electrotype, Ø 16 cm;
2000 - „Algirdė”, medallion, silver-plated copper, ø 60 mm;
2003 - „Woman and a cat” brass, 9x12 cm;
2005  - „Dr. Pranas Kiznis 60 years jubilee. JSC Lietpak 15 years jubilee“, obverse, reverse, brass, Ø 51 mm, Lith. Mint;
2007 - „Archangel Raphael”, co-author: Lina Kalinauskaitė, obverse, reverse, brass, Ø 51 mm, Lith. Mint;