„The Medal for the Christian World”

Head, reverse, brass, silver Ag 925, Ø 51 mm, Lithuanian Mint. 

         Obverse: The Baby Jesus and the Virgin. The inscription in Latin. Translation: "The Virgin - the Mother of God the Son - Our Patroness". The explanation of the obverse: The Virgin is depcited happy, because she is glad to be a Mother, however, there is a shadow of sadness on Her face because she knows the future of Her son. The Baby Jesus holds the terrestrial globe and blesses the mankind with His right hand.
         Reverse: The inscription in Latin. Translation: "The whole honor to You, God the Father, the whole honor to You, the Eternal Son and the Holy Spirit whom we'll glorify for ever" (the fragment from Ambrose's Hymn). 
The explanation of the reverse: Reverse presents the moment when only the Virgin and John the Apostle remained by the Cross. Christ told His last words to the Virgin: "Woman, this is Your Son!". And then He told to His disciple: "This is your Mother!" (Jn 19, 26-27). "Performed!" (Jn 19,30). 
The composition of the reverse. The figure of Christ with the Cross and the angels in the center of the medal symbolize the Cosmos. The angels holding the circle with the depicted figures of the Virgin and John the Apostle symbolize the Earth and simultaneously emphasize the importance of these two figures. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit defines the essence of the Christianity.